Be the change that you wish to see in the world


 “achieve a society of equity in which laws and human rights are respected by everyone.” This vision embraces lots of aspirations including awareness and full enjoyment of one’s rights, and respect of laws and policies of the country.



 “Promote respect of human rights and integral socioeconomic progress of Rwandan population emphasizing gender promotion, local development, and education of rights”.

 TA is determined to contribute to social and economic development of Rwandan population through integration of gender issues. This integration will start at local level, that is, from its area of intervention.

It is also committed to educating local population about human rights issues. TA is convinced that once rights are known by the public, then it is possible to observe them, respect others’ rights and to claim for one’s rights when they are violated. Awareness of the current laws is required for them to be effectively observed. If ignorance is no defense in law and that the population remains ignorant or is still informed about current laws of the country, there is room for abuse or disrespect of laws. TA would like to fill in this gap. It is clear that partnership with other area is indispensable in achieving this objective.

TA is non-governmental organization, without :

  • race discrimination
  • Regional discrimination
  • Religion or ethnic-based discrimination,

resolved for promoting values of :

  • Peace
  • Solidarity
  • Liberty
  • Equality and
  • Human dignity


  • Gender and Development
  • Local economic development
  • Right and Law


  • Family planning
  • Environment