Rationale: In order to achieve measurable and sustainable impacts, Tubibe Amahoro will need to enhance its organizational capacity. Capacity building efforts will focus on increasing the skills of current staff while seeking ways to attract and retain other qualified staff. Tubibe Amahoro has a vast number of opportunities that can be realized through having a clear focus on programmes, increasing visibility, intensifying outreach, strengthening procedures and continuing to reliably deliver impactful projects to rural communities.

Goal: Tubibe Amahoro is able to further its mission by improving internal skills, knowledge, structures, and ways of working


Objective 1: Increase capacity in the area of research, documentation, and publication


  • Create partnerships with Universities and other research-focused organizations who would be interesting in conducting research in collaboration with TA
  • Increase current staff capacity in research design, analysis, and document development
  • Seek international and local Masters-level university students as interns to assist TA with research
  • Create a research department within TA with the explicit purpose to conduct research, documentation, and publications

Objective 2: Improve resource mobilization strategies


  • Increase proposal writing skills among more staff members
  • Conduct a donor scoping to identify potential sources of funds and partnerships
  • Develop a social enterprise component to TA which can help generate funds

Objective 3: Improve internal structures of roles, responsibilities, knowledge management and communication


  • Review and update internal roles, procedural manuals, and communication strategies to ensure they are in place and current
  • Ensure all staff have to understand of internal processes

Objective 4: Ensure human rights-based approach is integrated into all stages of project cycles


  • Conduct training and refresher training on HRBA to all staff and founding members
  • Develop HRBA reference materials for staff and founding members to reference
  • Review HRBA reference materials often especially during project design and evaluations

Objective 5: Increase visibility for TA to be known at the national-international level


  • Increase participation in CSO networks, technical working groups, and multiple stakeholder meetings as well as participating more in workshops
  • Enhance branding and promotional materials to share with others such as flyers, t-shirts, publications
  • Improve and update website
  • Host awareness events, workshops, stakeholder meetings with multiple partners
  • Engage media to promote TA’s work