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Goal is to increase the economy of poorest and accelerate the rate of the poverty reduction for the poor and marginalized people.

Purpose is to mobilize, organize and actively engage the destitute groups in promoting Savings and Loan at Village Level.

Output 1The rural poor citizens become more financially literacy and have better access to appropriate and sustainable financial services thought MFIs;

Output 2 The poor citizens increased household live hood security thought out increase level and assets;

Output 3 VSL activities, implementation experiences are monitored, documented and shared.


  • Saving is done From One to Four shares and ┬áRecord keeping in book
  • Borrowing for investment done a period of 3 months of using credit with Interest of loan: 5-10 % per month under Credit Maximum equals to Shares times three.

THIS PROJECT HAS TAKE END ON 31/12/2015care intambweFunded by CARE RWANDA

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