On 25th June 2019, Tubibe Amahoro  through EDV (Ending Domestic Violence) project in partnership with
Karongi district have prepared a meeting alongside other anti-Gender Based Violence partners CSOs aiming
partnership in Gender Based Violence(GBV) prevention and advocacy on community issues.
The meeting was officially opened by  TA Vice Legal Representative  Mrs. Françoise  MUKANDEKEZI
who started by thanking different partners who managed to attend the meeting and highlighted the
major community issues in Rwandan society and the contribution of CSOs in solving those issues.

The attendees of the meeting include leaders from Karongi district such as  Director of Good Governance, CNF, GMO and JADF, UBU project coordinator and EDV project staff from Tubibe Amahoro and different invited CSOs.

TA Vice Legal Representative opening the meeting.

Participants were so thankful for Tubibe Amahoro for  such a meeting  and agreed that  everyone ‘s contribution
is  important for prevention and advocacy on Gender Based Violence.

Mr. François HAKORIMANA (EDV project coordinator)  moderating the meeting.

District/ Director of Good Governance closing the meeting.

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