Mukamusoni Dorothee, 60, a widow with 3 children, Twizerane cooperative member, in Kiraro village stated how she felt about the support:
“We are no more as poor; we will no longer talking about hunger in my home. With this support we get, it has given us the courage to believe in ourselves. I’m able to do things on my own without depending on anybody. I wish my life would change. Now I’m very happy, and some even will view me as well to do. Thanks a lot for TUBIBE AMAHORO and ActionAid Rwanda for promoting food security for Murundi community, for each and every individual”.

Mukamusoni Dorothee Mukamusoni Dorothee Twizerane Cooperative member, Kamina cell; Murundi 2015

The training that we have been delivered through the support of ActionAid and TUBIBE AMAHORO was a great method to prepare us for a lot of things that we are going to come across at some stage in our careers and personal lives. We learned about what to expect at work places and what is expected of us. We feel much more confident about our skills now. To recognize this support, we have to respond well when disaster strikes but also need to be prepared before it. We are now a committee which will coordinate our interventions and we’ll secure our peer women’s livelihoods”

Uwizera Seraphine, member of Twigeheza women smallholder farmers’ group in Gitesi Uwizera Seraphine

“I have been a secretary of my group since December 2013. I enjoy this role cause of it my chance to use my secondary school knowledge. At the end of phase one, I elected to be a village agent. I am more confident now than before and I can speak in front of the people in community sensitization, training the groups and fill the report needed to field officer of the project. The higher confident now is that I am secretary of VAN (Village Agent Network) at district level in Ngororero”.

hagenimana Agnes HAGENIMANA Agnes VSLG member in ABADAHEMUKIRANA of Nyange, Ngororero District care intambwe UNDP+Logo RCN logo actionaid

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