On Thursday July, 26th 2018 ABADAHEMUKA Anti GBV club of Rugarama Sector performed in special evening parent’s session held in Urugwiro village, Karangara cell of Rugarama sector Burera District. It was an Evening session dedicated to the Women Week in Northern Province in this July 2018.

Executive Secretary of Northern Province JABO Paul in Evening Parent’s Session at Urugwiro village in Karangara cell

The performance held in front of citizens of Karangara cell, Executive Secretary of Northern Province on behalf of the Governor (Mr. JABO Paul), in charge of security Cpt. Denis Musoni and Burera authorities from district to village level. Members of Anti GBV Club from Rugarama Sector mobilized citizens with the core message through songs and sketch focusing on the negative impact of living with conflicts to the household in general and specifically to their children’s education and unfair use of their income which causes poverty as consequence.

Real meaning of Gender Equity and Equality.

Sketch performed emphasized on the role of men as providers of their families and women as Mutima w’ urugo of their families, all of them have to work together for the prevention of Gender based Violence cases.

The sample family played in the sketch, kids didn’t have right for education because they are girls, and the woman obliged her husband to care all household work of this family and the wife take bad attitude of alcohol abuse. Many times she is in a bar taking Agasururu. When she come back home late in the night, it’s violence, dispute towards his husband and their three kids and insecurity at village level. This is what she called Gender equality.

A member of club, sensitize the participants on real meaning of gender equality and how it can be achieved at household level.

Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favored. Said by: Musabyimana JMV (Anti GBV club member)

At the end, the sketch showed how families which live in peace without gender based Violence give a positive impact to the community specifically for their own children’s education for a good future.

In his speech, the executive secretary of Northern province Mr. JABO Paul thanked all leaders from CNF at provincial, District, Sector and cell level, and all participants in general and specifically many thanks goes to the Anti-GBV club performed today. He encourages them to continue spreading messages of gender equality and women empowerment in Rwandan society.

He also appreciated the methodology of transmitting message and motivating the population by using played Anti GBV clubs. ‘‘Peoples are motivated in laws and human rights awareness raising through songs and sketch’’: Musoni Said.

Cpt. Denis Musoni in charge of Security, quoting this session

Army representative Cpt. Denis Musoni said how the club impressed him by playing the scenario which is, currently, in community normal living today. ‘‘The example used in that sketch is easier understandable and helpful for mindset change to everyone here in that evening session’’ Musoni says.

In the time we write the story, ABADAHEMUKA Anti GBV club is selected to perform in the Women closing event in Gicumbi District.

Noting that the anti GBV clubs are initiated by Tubibe Amahoro in Ending Domestic Violence program implemented in GAHUNGA, CYANIKA and RUGARAMA sectors of Burera District.

TUBIBE AMAHORO is a Rwandan civil society organization with Vision of achieving a society of equity in which laws and human rights are respected by everyone. By now is implementing 3 projects in Burera district, specifically Strengthening Gender Duty Bearers structures to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence issues in partnership with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

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