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From May 24th – 25th, 2016 TUBIBE AMAHORO hosted visitors from NORWAY. The delegation was led by Jane Filseth Andersen, Deputy Director, International program Department NPA/Norway

The purpose of the visit

DSC_0072The delegation wanted to know TUBIBE AMAHORO Association and what it has achieved since it has started to implement Ending Domestic Violence projects under support by Norwegian Peoples’ Aid (NPA).

TUBIBE AMAHORO entered into partnership with NPA since 2005 and, especially was funded for Ending Domestic Violence project since 2012. The project was implemented in Karongi and Ngororero districts of Western Province till 2013. In 2014, the project shifted to Northern Province in Burera district. Now it is being implemented within 6sectors, 3 in Karongi District of Western province and 3 in Burera District of Northern province.

The project aims at helping the communities of the said districts to undertake actions intended to preventing and reducing Gender Based Violence incidences in their areas. This is done through education and sensitization of couples (first target group) especially women (most victimised group) on gender equality, human and women’ rights. Debates also on ending Rwandan traditional behaviours and practices that perpetuate GBV are not left behind.

Norway Delegation attend the Evening Session
Norway Delegation attend the Evening Couples’ Session

Visited areas

On May 24th, a field visit was executed Remera village of Rubengera sector, Gacaca cell in Karongi district. In Remera village as in other villages (144 in Karongi and 125 in Burera districts) couples are gathered on weekly basis debate on GBV issues that are being happened in households. At this day, evening couples’ forum was held and, Remera couples shared their experiences on GBV to visitors.


The following day (May 25th 2016), the delegation visited community radio Isangano based in Karongi district, with which TUBIBE AMAHORO contracted for broadcasting a weekly 30 min emission on this project activities. 156 broadcasted emissions since 2012 have contributed to couples change of behaviour regarding all in respected gender principles and negative traditional behaviours that perpetrate domestic violence between couples.

Bwishyura police station was also visited as one of TUBIBE AMAHORO’s principal stakeholders in ending domestic violence activities. TUBIBE AMAHORO conducts joint community sensitization with police agents in charge of GBV and both institutions refer each other domestic violence victims for psychological or legal aid.

Delegation in TA Office
Delegation in TA Office



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