TUBIBE AMAHORO in partnership with ActionAid Rwanda is empowering poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice by the means of community participation, empowerment and capacity building of Rwandan population. In this regard, TUBIBE AMAHORO organise the radio talk show sensitization to discuss women’s Unpaid Care Work. The general objective was to evolve a community that is recognizing, reducing and redistributing, representation and reward women’s Unpaid Care Work so that they can be represented in social life and enjoy their rights to live a life of dignity in both private and public spheres. 

Tubibe Amahoro’s Staff at ISANGANO Community Radio, Photo 2020

The community of Karongi district listened to a sensitisation through Isangano radio which included examining men’s and women’s, boys’ and girls’ daily activity schedules, discussing who benefits from the activities carried out by each, and how women’s workload can be reduced.  Women and men listeners, women groups’ representatives and others such as men being opinion leaders participated and were involved in the dialogue to ensure their understanding and support.

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