On 21st Mai 2019, Tubibe Amahoro participated in an open day of 3 days,
organized by JADF partners of Karongi district.
Tubibe Amahoro staff members alongside Women beneficiaries from Murundi Sector participated and explained to people deeply the projects which are being currently implemented in Karongi district such as Ending Domestic Violence (EDV) Project which is about strengthening prevention and response mechanisms for ending gender based violence, Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW II) project which is about promoting opportunities for women’s empowerment and rights and Ubutabera Bwegereye Umuturage (UBU)project which is about justice which is close to the people. 

Women beneficiaries of FLOW II project of Murundi Sector.

The open day was officially opened by His Excellency, Mayor of Karongi district, Mr. François NDAYISABA and last 3 days, i.e till 23rd Mai 2019 where it has been closed officially by His Excellency, Governor of
western province, Mr Alphonse MUNKANTWALI alongside Mayor of Karongi district and they congratulated all participated
partners but some received a trophy including Tubibe Amahoro as a partner of merit.

Celebrating the trophy and certificate of merit received.


From Left H.E Mayor of Karongi district, H.E Governor of Western province and Annet KAKIBIBI (JADF Karongi Act Chairperson).

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