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Ubutabera Bwegereye Umuturage (UBU) Project



  1. Strengthen access to justice by increasing justice recipients (especially women and vulnerable groups) knowledge of their basic rights and the functioning of the proximity justice system, allowing them to claim their rights. Improving the ability of justice providers (including state actors and CSOs) to deliver high quality justice services, to inform the population of their rights and the functioning of the justice system, and to support citizens (especially women and vulnerable groups) to exercise their rights. Public satisfaction with the services of justice providers will consequently increase.
  2. Build the capacity of CSOs in the justice sector to conduct advocacy in the interest of influencing positive change in the justice system, especially for the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment, for the benefit of the population (especially women and vulnerable groups). CSOs will undertake more advocacy initiatives.


Communities (especially women and vulnerable groups) in two Districts are organized and supported to exercise their basic rights and have knowledge of the functioning of system of justice sector.

Providing legal aid to all citizen in need and which are received in our offices or by our staff.


The ultimate target group of the UBU is the citizens of Rwanda who need to know their basic rights and how to claim them, and to be able to access quality proximity justice services.


  • JRLOS (Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector) committee
  • Local Government entities and CSOs intervening in justice sector
  • Rwanda National Police
  • RIB (Rwanda Investigation Bureau)
  • MAJ (Maison d’accès à la Justice)
  • Abunzi
  • Courts in the intervention areas.

Key Strategies

  1. Joint planning with other existing project in Tubibe Amahoro
  2. Community awareness
  3. Sensitization through different spaces created by government like Cells ensembles, umuganda, ordinary and extra ordinary meetings, evening parents’ dialogues
  4. Experience sharing and learning exchange
  5. Sector based Paralegal for supporting our achievement.

The presence of population in Gashali sector in Karongi District and how they were very attractive about the performance of MASHIRIKA team and how they explain different laws in theater.

Citizens were very interested by listening the theater played by Mashirika group in Rubengera Sector, Karongi District and it is not doubtful that the message was captured.

Legal aid was being provided by JRLOS committee in Rubengera sector, Karongi District.

In RUTSIRO District, RUSEBEYA Sector,even if it wasn’t the day of market peoples jumped to the high altitude to watch and hear the message therefore the masses were sensitized about their basic human rights and the laws that guarantee these rights, with a special focus on Gender Based Violence. The performances passed key messages on justice, gender based violence, and promotion of family values.

The time of legal aid where at the end of justice caravan, the community said that caravan is the way, time and place to inform and to interact with citizens on their real issues and time to address issues with the real answers or orientation, as most of time, problems at grassroots have different view of their cases.