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District Dialogue Forum is a key to respond to community raised issues

District Dialogue Forum was an event which took place on 11th September 2019 at Burera district, it was an event which brought together different partners aiming to respond to community raised issues through CSC at district level.
The event was introduced by Director of Good Governance and the special guest was the District Advisor and Executive Secretaries of Sectors, Cells councilors, TA staff members and NPA staff member were present in the event.



Figure 1. Director of Good Governance introducing the event.

After the introduction of Director of Good Governance, the role of Community Score Card (CSC) as a participatory process designed to engage citizens in assessing and giving feedback on the quality and effectiveness of the public services they receive was revealed by TA staff member Mr. Maurice NDAYAMBAJE (PPIMA Project District Field Officer).



Figure 2.Mr. Maurice NDAYAMBAJE (PPIMA Project District Field Officer) expressing the role of CSC in raising
and responding to community issues.

The CSC also allows citizens to participate in decision-making, call for transparency and accountability, and enable improvement in the quality of service delivery. CSC increase participation, accountability, and transparency between service users (right holders), providers and decision-makers (duty bearers).

The CSC ensures that communities, service providers, and local authorities are brought together to collectively solve service delivery problems with each party playing a critical role in designing improvements where community issues are raised including access to clean water, access to electricity, fertilizers, cemetery, roads, health centers  and other different infrastructures.

A man from Kivuye Sector testified different achievements from CSC implementation where different issues have been solved from advocacy made by Tubibe Amahoro.
Some of the responded issues are means of transport where after the advocacy made there is a bus (Coaster) which move from Burera main road to Burera district where by now people can go to the district office in bus, access to clean water in different villages of Kivuye Sector ad how service delivery have changed in Sector office, the construction of the road from Kagogo Sector to the main road.




Figure 3. Mr. Vincent HABUMUGISHA a citizen of Kivuye Sector testifying the achievements
of using CSC through PIMMA project.

Later on the agenda of the event continued on the project of ending domestic violence where the official introduction was done by Executive Secretary of Tubibe Amahor Mr.  P. Celestin   KABANO who highlighted the contribution of Tubibe Amahoro in ending domestic project in partnership with Norwegian People‘s Aid (NPA), the project wich is being currently implemented in Karongi and Burera district where by now the impact of the project in its operational area started to express itself.

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