Our Project

FCS Report (2022-2023)

Discover how TA’s FCS project, supported by the SDC fund, revitalized 20 cooperatives in Karongi and Rutsiro Districts post-COVID-19, enabling them to resume income-generating activities in handcraft, pottery, fishing, and food processing. This initiative created over 112 new jobs, benefiting household well-being and promoting environmental protection. Additionally, TA provided crucial support to 237 households affected by COVID-19, offering income generation and financial literacy training.

ITUZE IWACU Project (2023)

Explore how TUBIBE AMAHORO revitalized community justice mechanisms through the “Ituze Iwacu” project. This initiative enhanced alternative dispute resolution (ADR) policies and empowered local communities, including the execution of thousands of pending Gacaca court decisions across multiple districts. Discover how the project strengthened mediation capacity, provided legal assistance, and supported women’s rights.



Ubutabera Bwegereye Umuturage (UBU Project) Report 2020

TUBIBE AMAHORO’s UBU project in 2020 improved access to justice for Rwandans. Over 12,000 citizens learned their rights through cell assemblies, legal aid, and community dialogues. Legal aid was provided to 321 citizens, mainly women, on family, land, and violence issues. Advocacy registered 247 children and trained religious leaders. Despite COVID-19 and financial limitations, the project fostered collaboration with justice actors for an empowered citizenry.

VSL Scale up Report (2016)

Explore how TUBIBE AMAHORO and CARE International empowered communities through the successful implementation of the VSL Scale Up Project. Discover how we formed over 1,000 Voluntary Saving and Lending groups, with 75% women members, across Karongi and Ngororero Districts in Rwanda. Click to learn more about our impactful progress in socioeconomic development.

Strengthening PJAs for Justice Delivery 2016

This report details TA and RCN J&D’s collaboration to empower PJAs. Through capacity building in areas like communication and disability rights, PJAs enhanced their ability to deliver legal services. The report highlights joint efforts like provincial dialogues to raise awareness about justice and CSO collaboration. TA’s commitment to legal aid is evident by supporting over 100 citizens in Ngororero. Looking ahead, the focus remains on strengthening collaboration, expanding legal aid, and measuring long-term impact.

Mobilizing Citizens for Development: Karongi Project Boosts Participation 2016

This project empowers citizens in Karongi district to participate in district development planning. Community animators were trained on gender, decentralization, and budgeting. They then facilitated a community scorecard (CSC) process in 15 cells. Over 4,300 citizens participated, prioritizing issues like water, sanitation, and education. Interface meetings were held to discuss these issues with service providers and local authorities. The project is building a collaborative approach to improve service delivery and development planning.